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A family-owned business, we install the Panasonic range of heat pumps in commercial premises throughout Auckland.

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7.20kw Deluxe E series High Wall

Choose a Panasonic 7.2kW ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter Air Conditioner to stay cool during summer and warm during winter.

Now featuring a stylish new design, nanoe-G Air Purifying System and advanced ECONAVI technology - the ultimate in energy saving performance.

  • 6.30kW Cooling, 7.20kW Heating
  • ECONAI Technology for Extra Energy Savings
  • Inverter Technology Reduces wasteful Operation
  • nanoe-G Air purifier and Mild Dry Cooling Function
  • Oustanding Operating Temperature Range


ECONAVI Technology

ECONAVI is a Panasonic initiative which continues our core belief that going green shouldn't compromise your comfortable lifestyle. By applying high precision sensors and control programme technologies, ECONAVI is able to optimise your Air Conditioner operation according to room conditions. This smart technology allows your Air Conditioner to evaluate the number of people in a room, along with their level of activity, and adjust the air flow accordingly. This enables up tp an additional 35% energy savings in cooling and up to 45% energy savings in heating, compared to other inverter models. Not only does this reduce wastage of natural resources, it will also save you money on your power bill.


Cooling Energy Star Rating 2
Heating Energy Star Rating 2
Moisture Removal L/h 3.5
Pt/h 7.4
Air Circulation (indoor/Hi) Cooling L/s 282
m3/min. 16.9
ft3/min. 595
Air Circulation (indoor/Hi) Heating L/s 273
m3/min. 16.4
ft3/min. 580
Sound Pressure Level dB (A) (Cooling) Inside (Hi/Lo/S-Lo) 45/36/33
Outisde (Hi/S-Lo) 52/47
Sound Pressure Level dB (A) (Heating) Inside (Hi/Lo/S-Lo) 45/35/32
Outside (Hi/S-Lo) 52/47
Sound Power Level dB (Cooling) Outside (Hi/S-Lo) 66/61
Sound Power Level dB (Heating) Outside (Hi/S-Lo) 66/61


Indoor Unit Height 290mm
Width 1070mm
Depth 240mm
Net Weight 12kg
Outdoor Unit Height 795mm
Width 875mm
Depth 320mm
Net Weight 59kg
Refigerant Pipe Length Liquid Side 6.35mm
Gas Side 12.7mm
Pipe Length Min 3m
Max 20m
Add Gas Amount g/m 20
Outdoor Operation Range (°C) Cooling +5°C to +46°C
Heating -15°C to +24°C